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Dec 28, 2012, 2:39:07 PM (8 years ago)
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    1212  * published - messages published, a directory for each year with a directory for each message in the corresponding year
    1313 * trouble - a bash script that simplified the creation of new messages. trouble prompts you through the process of selecting a template, creating a new message with next available number, gpg signing the message, commiting and publishing
    14  * post-commit hooks
     14 * post-commit hooks - the scripts are installed by puppet on jojobe and are called via a post-commit hook in the messages repo on jojobe.
    1515  * rss-publish - generates a new RSS feed based on the most recent 25 messages
    1616  * html-publish - generates browseable html files for the complete set of messages
    1717  * email-publish - based on the RSS feed, emails new messages to service-advisories email list (requires mailman approval before they are released)
    1818  * status-publish - [Not yet implemented] based on the RSS feed, publishes new messages on various configured status-supported systems
     20Setup of a server (jojobe) is handled via puppet, so we can easily switch to a different host if jojobe goes offline or is otherwise in-accessible.
    2022htc is designed to require only a workstation with the appropriate (and reasonably up-to-date) software installed and Internet access between the workstation and (our server hosted in the UK).