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These are our fund-raising efforts:

Open Technology Fund:

We did a preliminary form for a 50,000 grant on June 14, 2019. This is a foundation we have explicitly decided not to accept money from but we're doing the form as a practice and to test foundation reaction.

Rejected proposal on July 16, 2019 but asked us to be in touch about other possibilities. No follow-up is planned.

Nathan Cummings -- submitted full inquiry form -- June 24 -- for $50,000 for coop transition and internal education

ARCA Foundation -- submitted three page inquiry -- July 22, 2019 -- $15,600 for internal education program on how technology works, etc.

Norman Foundation -- next application

Jesse Smith Noyes -- next application with PTP

CS fund & warsh mont legacy -- application with PTP for anti-surveillance work

Lifecomesfromit -- grant submitted August 6 for Tech and Rev summit

Wallace Fund -- -- grant being submitted now for technology and revolution