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    1 = mexcla =
     1= Mexcla =
    33mexcla is a simultaneous interpreation system for conference calls.
    5 To use mexcla, either dial our main number (`+1-718-303-3204`) and press `6` or if you [wiki:freeswitch have a SIP account on our freeswitch server], dial ``.
     5Note: ''mexcla will not interpret for you''. Instead, it provides a way for your living and breathing interpreter to provide simultaneous interpretation to the mono-lingual users on the call without interfering with the bilingual participants who will hear the speakers' directly.
     7There are several ways to use mexcla:
     9 * If you are running a recent version of Chrome/Chromium or Firefox/Iceweasl (see version table below), then visit our [ web conference].
     10 * If you have a SIP software program, use your [wiki:freeswitch MF/PL SIP account or our open to the public account on our freeswitch server] and dial ``.
     11 * If all else fails, dial our main number (`+1-718-303-3204`) and press `6` or if you (we have a limited number of incoming phone lines, so mileage may vary).
    713When you join a mexcla conference, you are prompted to enter a conference number followed by the pound key (#). You may enter any number (inclusively) between 1 and 999. There is currently no system for allocating or pin-protecting rooms, so you may end up in someone else's conference call.
    1521If you press `2`, you enter the interpretation channel ''as an interpreter''. You will continue hearing what is spoken in the general conference channel, but when you speak it is only heard in the interpretation channel. You can press `0` to return to the general conference channel at any time.
    17 == other links ==
     23== Browser compability chart ==
     25A working browser will behave like this:
     27 * When you click the Connect button it will change to Connecting (this may take up to 15 seconds)...
     28 * You will be asked by your browser for permission to use the microphone (on Chromium this only happens the first time you connect to a server, provided it's an https site, so if this step does not happen it does not necessarily mean a failure)
     29 * After about 15 seconds, it changes to "Connected" and the phone icon red slash disappears.
     30 * You should hear an announcement of the conference room number you are in and, possibly "You are the only person in call" or something to that effect.
     32Testing whether others can hear you is a bonus, but if you get this far, I'm assuming other audio problems are OS related or specific to your browser installation, so less relevant to this chart.
     34If you are testing with Firefox "nightly" or "beta" please put the version it will become so this page doesn't become outdated too quickly.
     36|| '''Browser and version''' ||  '''Operating System''' || '''Status''' || '''Fail notes'''                                                          ||
     37|| Iceweasel 23              ||  Debian Jessie          || Works        ||                                                                           ||
     38|| Firefox 23                ||  Android 2.3.7          || Doesn't Work || Never prompted for use of mic, Connect button doesn't change when clicked ||
     39|| Chromium 28               ||  Debian Jessie          || Works        ||                                                                           ||
     41== Other links ==
    1943 * [wiki:freeswitch-mexcla-admin mexcla administration information]