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Mexcla on the web

mexcla is May First/People Link's simultaneous interpretation conference call system.

In addition to dialing in to mexcla, or accessing it via a desktop SIP client, you can access it via a web browser that support HTML5 (recent version of Chromium/Chrome or Iceweasel/Firefox - see compability chart below).

Replace NNN with a number between 1 and 999, e.g.

More info on administering mexcla-html5 is also available.

Browser compability chart

A working browser will behave like this:

  • When you click the Connect button it will change to Connecting (this may take up to 15 seconds)...
  • You will be asked by your browser for permission to use the microphone (on Chromium this only happens the first time you connect to a server, provided it's an https site, so if this step does not happen it does not necessarily mean a failure)
  • After about 15 seconds, it changes to "Connected" and the phone icon red slash disappears.
  • You should hear an announcement of the conference room number you are in and, possibly "You are the only person in call" or something to that effect.

Testing whether others can hear you is a bonus, but if you get this far, I'm assuming other audio problems are OS related or specific to your browser installation, so less relevant to this chart.

If you are testing with Firefox "nightly" or "beta" please put the version it will become so this page doesn't become outdated too quickly.

Browser and version Operating System Status Fail notes
Iceweasel 23 Debian Jessie Works
Firefox 23 Android 2.3.7 Doesn't Work Never prompted for use of mic, Connect button doesn't change when clicked
Chromium 28 Debian Jessie Works

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