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Mexcla on the web

Mexcla is May First/People Link's simultaneous interpretation conference call system.

This page documents how to access mexcla via a web browser, you can also access mexcla via the phone.

Your conference organizer should provide you with a link to click on to access your conference. It should look something like:

The "123" represents the conference room you are meeting in. Your conference organizer will pick a number for your conference that most likely will be different that "1123."

How does it work?

  • When you visit the page, you are presented with a box to fill in your name and a button that says "Connect"

  • When you click the Connect button your browser will ask you to share your microphone. You should agree to share it.

  • Next you should be in the conference call. ou should hear an announcement of the conference room number you are in and, possibly "You are the only person in call" or something to that effect.


More info on administering mexcla-html5 is also available.

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