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Mexcla HTML5 client

MF/Pl administers a html5 client for our mexcla simultaneous interpretation conference call system.

It's installed on It's configured via an Alias directive /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/, so that the location /mexcla points to /home/webrtc/mexcla-html5/web.

Our code, which is accessible by git is checked out in web. It can be updated to the latest version by running: git pull from the web directory. NOTE: The and index.en.html pages are generated by the generate-pages script and are not checked into the repo. Please edit the index.base file and then, after pulling your changes on the live site, run:

./generate-pages "/mexcla"

To generate the new files.

It depends on the verto - a protocol specific to freeswitch which provides a method for a web site to communicate with freeswitch over secure web sockets. This module is enabled in our freeswitch installation, and the appropriate javascript library files are checked into our git repo above. The javascript library files live in the html5 directory of the freeswitch git repo.

In addition, it depends on our freeswitch server and several webrtc2sip components.