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    11May First/People Link is committed to [ supporting video streaming], as well as free software. These two goals have have challenged us to use tools that allow for high quality video streams using entirely free software.
    3 = The problem with how streaming is currently done =
    4 Currently the state of video streaming on the Internet revolves mainly around a set of protocols and software owned by one company, Adobe. There are essentially two video formats that are used for the streaming done on most of the Internet today; FLV is used primarily for prerecorded video (Youtube), and RTMP which is used for streaming (uStream) as well as prerecorded video (Hulu). Both formats are owned in full by Adobe (and previously Macromedia), to be used with Flash Player. There are very few video sites on the Internet today that are not mostly or wholly dependent on Adobe software.
    6 There are all sorts of technical reasons why Flash is a bad choice for video. In short, it boils down to the fact that Flash decodes the video at the software layer rather than taking full advantage of the video hardware. This offloads all of the decoding to the CPU; this slows machines down, and spikes power usage.
    8 While the Flash Player is free to download, it is not Free Software in any sense. Flash implements a non-open web "standard" for streaming video.
    104= Video streaming with free software =