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Footprint Reduction

May First/Peope Link has servers located in two cabinets: XO and Telehouse. We are moving all servers in the XO location to Telehouse by April 21, 2015.


Following are the electricity using machines in each cabinet. RAM used is calculated by kvm-status to find out how much RAM is allowed to virtual machines on each server as a very rought measure of capacity.


Login to either odetta or ochs (see remotely turning on/off servers).

Server name RAM Used/Capacity Notes
clr 27 / 32 Move as is
malaka 56 / 64 Move as is
pietri 26 / 32 Move as is
franz sr Move as is
pianeta tachanka Move as is (with ottorene guests)
shaw tenant Move as is
paley NA console Retire
ramona ptp Retire/Combine with severo
axiom 14 / 16 former FIGHT server Transfer guests to new server, retire*
luisa NA onsite backup Retire (barron can handle onsite backup
ottorene tachanka/mfpl Move MF/PL guests to new server, tach guests to pianeta


Run olName all from to get a list.

Server name RAM Used/Capacity Notes Proposed Plans
parsi 46 / 80
cleaver 62 / 128
robideau 4 / 4 backup and console
florence 62 / 64
vilma 47 / 64
wiwa (new server) 80 / 128 Takes guest from axiom, negri, bolivar, ottorene, shaw
barron onsite backup
cafiero switch
severo 56 / 64 ptp
baubo yesmen (new)
anna tachanka
bolivar 29 / 32 Transfer guests to new machine*, retire
kiyoshi NA retired, praxedis Retired praxedis, retired kiyoshi
goofball yesmen (old) Retire ?
negri 25 / 32 Transfer guests to new machine*, retire


Making this move will require a number of small tasks which are broken out into tickets.

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Priority

DNS change

The following tickets indicate domain names not hosted by us. When we move these sites we will need to work with them on the timing.

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Priority

Electricity Usage

Our current electricity usage at Telehouse is about 1KVA (we are contracted for 2KVA - so we are at 50%). The circuit holds more than 2KVM, so we should not need to maintain a cushion.

Virtual Guest Reduction

To help with the combination of guests onto servers, we can make a big impact on reducing memory usage by combining several of our single purpose guests into one guest running docker.

Candidates include:

  • stallman (Roundcube webmail)
  • cero (Horde webmail)
  • lucius (ownCloud)
  • mcchesney (,,
  • moses (
  • paul (freeswitch)
  • sankara (icecast)
  • toussaint (icecast)
  • galeano (

See #11257 for a ticket about sandstorm - a possible application to manage all of these applications.

In addition, the following guests could be retired:

  • peltier (we just need to move a few media wikis to a regular MOSH)
  • swartz (big blue button)

And some special cases:

  • boggs and kerr are both dedicated to occupy groups, most of whom are no longer active. We should figure out how to remove the inactive groups.