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Filter check

The filter-check program sends email via our servers to various corporate providers and checks to see if they land in the inbox or the spam box.

Current providers checked: Gmail, Yahoo and

Basic usage:

usage: filter-check [-h] [--sendvia SENDVIA] [--sendto SENDTO] [--quiet]
                    [--gtube] [--headers] [--sleep SLEEP]
                    [--emailfrom EMAILFROM] [--subject SUBJECT] [--msg MSG]
                    [--sendonly] [--fetchfrom FETCHFROM]
                    [--messageid MESSAGEID]

Check deliverability to various mail providers. Configuration file is in

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --sendvia SENDVIA     the host to relay the email
  --sendto SENDTO       the host to send the email
  --quiet               surpress all output, use exit codes only
  --gtube               use spamassassin code to identify the message as spam
                        (for debugging)
  --headers             output full headers, instead of brief headers
  --sleep SLEEP         number of seconds to wait between sending and checking
  --emailfrom EMAILFROM
                        send the test message from this email
  --subject SUBJECT     specify the subject for the test message
  --msg MSG             specify the body of the test message
  --sendonly            don't fetch the message, only send it and output the
                        message-id sent
  --fetchfrom FETCHFROM
                        don't send a message, only fetch a message from this
                        host matching the passed messageid
  --messageid MESSAGEID
                        when using fetchfrom, fetch the messageid specified in
                        this option

Exit codes: 0 if message is found in Inbox, 1 if found in spam box, 2 if not
delivered, 255 if error.

Code is available via git clone git://

It is installed and configured on

In addition, gil has a bash script called: mf-check-filters - which runs through filter checks for both and