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MF/PL operates two cameras (one in the back, one in the front) in both XO and Telehouse. The cameras are controlled by motion, a program that only records when it detects something moving.

When the system detects a "significant" event (based on duration) it being copying screen grabs to jojobe (located in the UK). When the event is over (the motion stops), it copies the entire video (sadly, as a swf file).

A cron job clears out all files older than two days.

The cabinet side configuration is all handled in puppet (see the fedcam.pp file).

Files coming into jojobe trigger a fedcam nagios alert (which everyone should see via IRC).

The alert remains until someone reviews the pictures sent to jojobe via the web interface at:

The web inteface is only accessible to OpenIDs configured in MF/PL admins: please feel free to edit that file and add your OpenID (the jojobe side of the configuration is not - yet - managed by puppet).

The UI provides a convenient and fast way to review events and mark friendly ones to be deleted, or suspicious ones to be reviewed by others.