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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the web address (URL) where I can...?

FAQs Topics

Billing: questions related to payments policy, invoice and cancellation of member dues
Database: questions about MySQL and accessing databases
DNS: questions about domain name configuration, name server and MX records for email
Domain: questions about website domain configuration, multiple domains, dev to live and redirects
Drupal: questions about developing with Drupal
Email: questions about setting up email accounts, auto-responders, webmail, emails clients and spam
Email List: questions about settings up and managing email lists on Mailman
Files: questions about managing files on server, permissions and SFTP access
Security: questions about accessing server securely, fingerprint, SSL and directory permissions
Server Settings: questions about upload limits, cgi processes, error logs, web stats, scripts & functions
Site Management: control panel, control panel access, space for new websites
Does May First People Link have a Social Network?
Transfer to MFPL: questions about domain, email and website transfers
Translate: information about how to translate pages on this wiki
WordPress: questions about developing with WordPress

Website Techniques