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Before posting a ticket please check our ​service advisories page or the timeline of recent posts to see if we are already working on the problem you have identified. In addition - please try searching using the search box above to see if anyone else has had the same question or to see if your question might be answered in one of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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How do I add an e-mail forward to our account?
How do I add a mail/MX record for my domain?
How do I add a new domain to an existing account?
How do I cancel my membership?
How do I change my billing contact information or view my invoices and payments?
How do I copy my MySQL database from one site to another?
How do I create a mysql database?
How do I find my MySQL database username and password?
Why won't May First/People Link manage my domain name?
What is a domain name server? What is a registrar?
Abandoned Mailbox
MFPL Shared Keyring
How do I setup a backup account on May First/People Link?
Help! I cannot connect to the Internet
Real time chat with MFPL
How do I add a cron job?
Does May First/People Link backup my data?
When I go to my web site I get an error saying my site is mis-configured or not properly setup OR I want to add a new domain to my website
I have multiple domain names that point to my web site - how to I make it so my preferred domain always appears in the browser address bar?
How do I copy my dev site to my live site?
How can I test my new web site before changing my domain to point to May First/People Link servers?
How do I redirect web users from one page to another?
How do I access my Drupal Database directly?
How do I add a new Drupal module or Drupal theme to my site?
How do I add a new Drupal site to my existing drupal installation?
How do I install the Drupal Boost module to improve performance?
These instructions are for Flock and Mozilla Scribefire
When you say we are using a "central, shared" installation of Drupal, what does that mean?
How do I edit my Drupal site?
How do I make my site a Drupal site?
How can I upload a file to my themes or modules directory? When I try I get an access denied message
Why can't I create a file or folder in my Drupal sites/default directory?
Drupal Support Timeline
How do I update my Drupal modules?
Upgrading your Drupal installation at May First/People Link
May First/People Link Lists and Feeds
How do I add an email address to our account?
This page is no longer up to date. SquirrelMail has been decommissioned.
How do I add an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to my account?
Help! My Email Address has been hijacked
How do I add an Autoresponder?
What's wrong with forwarding my email to another provider?
How do I create a catch all email account?
How do I configure my email program to work with May First/People Link?
When I use webmail, my email messages are sent from a strange email address
How come my domain is not available when I try to create an email address?
Export Address Book
How do I setup junk filtering in Thunderbird?
How do I send fancy, formatted email messages?
Why does it take 30 minutes for some messages to get delivered?
I have too many messages in my inbox which is making my webmail experience very slow and frustrating - how can I re-gain control over my mail?
How do I setup my Linux computer to relay mail through May First/People Link?
How can I use gpg to both encrypt my email and prove my identity?
IMAP, POP, Webmail?? What does it all mean?
How do I use Spam Assassin to filter email with my email client?
How do I set my sent mail folder in webmail?
How do I setup iPhone to use May First/People Link email?
How do I configured Kmail to use May First/People Link
How do I setup Mac Mail to use May First/People Link email?
How do I setup Outlook to access my May First/People Link account?
Hints for relaying Email through May First/People Link using postfix on debian
How do I configure Thunderbird/Icedove to use May First/People Link email?
Why Does Webmail take so long to display my inbox?
How can I make Thunderbird work faster?
How can I synchronize the contacts/calendar/to do list in web mail with my handheld or desktop program?
I'm getting too much spam! Help! What can I do?
How do I setup a distribution list using Webmail?
Webmail says that there are not messages in my mailbox, but I know that there are!
How do I know if a file is world readable? How can I change that?
How should I choose the names for files in my web site?
How to edit a file on a server
How do I share and restrict access to my files?
How do I copy files to and from my server? How do I use FTP/SFTP?
How can I get my own wiki?
Does May First/People Link have a shared git installation I can use?
How can I use a git repository to manage my Drupal website?
Gitification of Indymedia linksunten
Follow these steps to move your Calendar from google (or ical file) to Mayfirst webmail
How do I install phplist?
Installing software on an MFPL shared server
How can I limit the service advisories to just the servers I care about?
How can I backup my own data?
What is a membership organization? How much do you charge for services?
How do I send a press release to May First/People Link's shared media list?
What is May First/People Link's Privacy Policy?
What is OpenID? How can I use it?
How can I login to my primary host server without having to enter my account's password?
Debugging Pulse Audio
How do I get my PHP/perl/etc. cgi script to access the username and password passed via HTTP basic auth?
What's a Fingerprint?
How do I get a x509 (aka SSL) Certificate for my Web site?
Some of your web sites tell me that your x509 (aka SSL) certificate was signed by an unknown entity. What can I do to get to know you?
How do I password protect a directory on my web site?
What is secure shell?
Configure your web site to use https
What's an x509 (aka SSL) Certificate?
How do I increase the maximum upload limit if I'm getting a 500 internal server error?
How do I increase my PHP file upload limit or change my php.ini settings?
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