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Translation Pages

Our wiki uses macros in order to link English pages to their Spanish translation. In order to make such a link. On the English page you will need to have the following line at the top of the page:


Once you are ready to add the Spanish translation, find the version number of the English page. The version number should be visible at the top of the page after you click edit. After finding the version number create the Spanish page with the same url with '.Es' at the end of it. For example:

should have a sister page like this:

At the top of the Spanish page you should have the following line:


The 'revision' above should be the number of the version of the English page. Then each of these pages should have a multi-lingual block on the right hand side of the page. Note: use revision as keyword, and not 'rev' or 'ver', since these abbrevs returns minor errors in problems report of TranslatedPages Macro