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Running a survey at May First/People Link

MF/PL is planning to offer survey functionality to all of its members.

At the moment, that functionality is under development, but it's reasonably functional. If you're an MF/PL member, you can participate in this beta if you'd like to. You can request request an account by opening a ticket here -- we'll need an e-mail address at the very least to get you started.

Offering a survey

When your account has been created, you should get an e-mail with a password that you can use to log into

Once you have logged in, click the "create or import new survey" button in the upper right.

There is detailed online documentation for creating a survey.

Creating a user account that can offer surveys

this section contains instructions that are only useful for MF/PL administrators

In the long run, we should be using OpenID to authenticate to limesurvey, and limesurvey account creation should be automatic, with authorization based on the username. But at the moment, that doesn't seem to be possible. So when a member requests an account to be able to create and offer a survey you should:

  • visit and log in as your administrative user.
  • click the key icon in the upper-left (the tooltip should say "create/edit users")
  • At the bottom of the table of users, you should see three fields, for username, e-mail address, and full name (the columns line up with the columns listed for existing users). Fill in those fields for the new user and click the "Add User" button to the right.
  • Once the user is created, click "Set User Rights", and make sure that only the "Create survey" right is checked. (see #371 for an example of why the other rights could cause trouble if used carelessly).