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    1212Once you have logged in, click the "create or import new survey" button in the upper right.
    14 There is [ detailed online documentation for creating a survey].
     14Below is a quick start guide for getting a new survey working:
     16 1. In the top right corner, click the button with the paper and plus sign (Create or import new survey)
     17 1. You will get a lot of fields to fill out. There are save buttons after each set of fields. Please fill out all the fields before clicking the save button. If you are unsure you can use the default values for just about everything (see the [ manual for creating a survey] for more info). Minimally, you should specify the:
     18  * Survey Title
     19  * Admin email
     20  * Bounce email
     21 1. Create groups. In the right hand corner there's a label that says Groups, followed by a drop down, followed by a paper icon with a plus sign (when you hover over it, it says: Add new group to survey). Click that button to add a new group. In the simplest survey, you just need one group (if you want to get fancy you could have different groups who will answer different questions). See the [ manual for more info on groups].
     22 1. Now, enter the questions for this group by clicking the paper plus sign icon after the Questions drop down. The first field is the hardest - it asks for the question code. This field will help you identity the question in a short form when exporting the answers. If you are asking a series of demographic questions, followed by a series of opinions about the war, you might want a coding system that takes these sections into account. For example, dem.gender (What gender if any do you identify with?), dem.age (How old are you?), (Did you support the war prior to the invasion?), etc.
     23 1. Continue adding as many questions as you need. If you are unsure of any options, see the [ manual].
     24 1. When you are done with your questions, click the green gear icon on the left (which says "Test This Survey" when you hover over it). Make sure all the questions look right. Edit any questions if you need to.
     25 1. When you are satisfied, click the small green triangle next to the red square on the left (which says "Activate this survey" when you hover over it).
     26 1. You will see a page that tells you what your survey code is (it's the number in parentheses, such as 19264). You can now publicize your survey. The web address to publicize will be: ! Replace YOURSURVEYCODE with the number of your survey.
    1628== Creating a user account that can offer surveys ==