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We have a Social Network Yes in fact we at May First People Link have our own Social Network built with the Friendica software. All member are welcome to join, but keep in mind to avoid spam we have an approval process setup at the moment please allow time for the administrators to approve the accounts. We also have members that have made use of Statusnet(now Pumpio). Both of these social network software support ostatus, which allows a user on a Friendica installed site to follow people on without require any third party application. Another developing social network software is N-1, but for the moment we are focusing out efforts on Friendica and possible future Friendica Red idea and concept

Friendica offers many features that match the existing mainstream social networks (Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, a great parody commercial) not all features are implemented at the moment, but there are connectors to Twitter and Facebook, which allows posts to be sent to those accounts from your Friendica account on our server.

  • To Add Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress and Email accounts to your Friendica account

Click Settings --> Connector Settings, then scroll to your desired social network connector. Note: After configuring connected accounts on any post you make you can control if you want it to be sent to a connected account or not by clicking on the Lock on your post, this will bring up a window with your connected accounts.

  • For more features and abilities please visit the help page in your account or visit the main Friendica site for help resources. Or ask us on Friendica by joining the Mayfirst group