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    11= Does May First People Link have a Social Network? =
    2 Yes in fact we at May First People Link have our own [ Social Network] built with the [ GNU Social] software. All member are welcome to join, but keep in mind to avoid spam we have a administrators to review accounts. This social network software supports ostatus, which allows a user on a [ GNU Social] installed site to follow people on [] without require any third party application.
    4 '''GNU Social''' offers many features that match the existing mainstream social networks (Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, [ a great parody commercial]) not all features are implemented at the moment, but there are connectors to Twitter, which allows posts to be sent to those accounts from your GNU Social account on our server.
     3Yes May First People Link members have our own [ Social Network] built with the [ GNU Social] software. Check it out:
     7Register for an account ...
     9And, download a [ iPhone app] or a [ Android app].
     11GNUSocial, like Twitter and Facebook, allows you to follow your friends status updates and also post your own updates with pictures and video.
     13However, unlike Twitter and Facebook, it is not designed for advertising purposes. In addition, it uses a federated model - so you can follow friends using who use [ Mastdon], [ Diapora], or other Gnu Social instances (like
     15== Administrators ==
     17For May First/People Link admins, please see [wiki:how-to/servers/support/gnusocial the gnusocial admin page].