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    55  Hosting Order Access allows you to give other users the ability to create new users, email accounts, and other settings related to your account. Before giving someone access to your account, you must either create a user account for them, or they will need to tell you what their user account login is. Next, create a new item here, entering their login name where it says "Login".
     7Another way to look at this:
     9There are two kinds of people who you might want to have access to the member center, aka the control panel, aka the admin area. (At Mayfirst we call this the [ control panel]).
     11* Existing Mayfirst / PeopleLink members who already have a user account and just need privileges to access ''your'' organization's account. For instance, if you wanted me (Amanda) to be able to create email addresses for you or change your DNS settings, you could go to "hosting order access" > "add a new item" and put my handle in ("abh"). I don't recommend doing that without talking to me first, though. :)
     13* Members or staff of your own organization who don't already have their own user account. Most people don't have their own account on Mayfirst already, so you'll have to start by making them an account under ''user access.'' Then you'll know their user name and you can [ set them up with email] or add them to your hosting order access.