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Can I run a wiki and/or issue tracker/shared to do list?

May First/People Link supports a project called Trac. Trac provides both a wiki and an issue tracker (which is like a collaborative shared to do list). This support site is running Trac - so if you are using this site you have a good idea of what Trac can do.

If you would like to use Trac, please follow these directions. These directions are for users comfortable with using secure shell and the command line. If you would like help setting up your Trac instance, please open a new ticket and we'd be happy to help you out.

  • Configure your site to use suExec
  • Setup Trac (you can do this step while waiting for the suExec step to be completed). Be sure to execute this step as the same user that you used to setup suExec.
    • Choose a directory to install your trac files (your directory is a good option). Replace words in capitals with values that make sense for your site:
      mkdir /home/members/GROUPNAME/sites/DOMAIN/include/trac
      mkdir /home/members/GROUPNAME/sites/DOMAIN/include/trac/PROJECTNAME
    • Initialize your project (the first question asks for the name of your project, for all other questions, you can safely choose the default values)
      trac-admin /home/members/GROUPNAME/sites/DOMAIN/include/trac/PROJECTNAME initenv
  • Create a wrapper script to execute trac. Place a file in your cgi-bin directory trac.cgi with the contents:
    export TRAC_ENV='/home/members/GROUPNAME/sites/DOMAIN/include/trac/PROJECTNAME'
    exec /usr/share/trac/cgi-bin/trac.cgi
  • Make it executable:
    chmod 755 trac.cgi
  • Optionally, add an alias to your apache configuration:
    ScriptAlias /trac /home/members/GROUPNAME/sites/DOMAIN/cgi-bin/trac.cgi