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Setup Basebuilder

Basebuilder is a database program well-suited for organization doing outreach and tracking donations.

May First/People Link maintains a central installation of Basebuilder, so if you'd like to use the program, you can use our central installation and thereby will get all program updates automatically. The steps in this tutorial require the use of a secure shell program and some familiarity with Linux command lines.

To get yourself started using our central basebuilder code, follow the steps below. All items in CAPS should be replaced with the values for your particular site.

  • create or request a database to use with Basebuilder. Be sure you have the name of the database, the database username, and the database password.
  • ssh into your server.
  • Change into your web directory:
cd /home/members/MEMBER-SHORT-NAME/sites/DOMAIN-NAME/
cd web
  • Copy the basebuilder web directory to your web directory with the name "db":
cp -r /usr/local/share/basebuilder/web db
  • Edit the index.php file. Change the path of the config file to read:
  • Copy the default config file to your include directory:
cp /usr/local/share/basebuilder/docs/
  • Edit the config file. Change:
$mj_config['path'] = '/usr/local/share/basebuilder';
$mj_config['databases_path'] = '/home/members/MEMBER-SHORT-NAME/sites/DOMAIN-NAME/include/databases';
$mj_config['db_admin_url'] = '';
$mj_config['db_names']['NAME-OF-YOUR-DB'] = '[Friendly name of your organization]';
$mj_config['default_db'] = 'NAME-OF-YOUR-DB';
  • Create the databases directory:
mkdir /home/members/MEMBER-SHORT-NAME/sites/DOMAIN-NAME/include/databases
  • If you want to use the example campaign database, copy the campaign database directory into your database directory:
cp -r /usr/local/share/basebuilder/databases/bb_campaign /home/members/MEMBER-SHORT-NAME/sites/DOMAIN-NAME/include/databases/NAME-OF-YOUR-DATABASE
  • To complete the setup, go to: http://DOMAIN-NAME/db