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How do I turn off all web logging of my site?

Some members may want to protect the privacy of the people who view or contribute to their site by turning off web logging.

You can turn off web logging on your site via the Members Control panel by clickig on the Web Configuration tab of your site and edit the Logging lines:

CustomLog /dev/null combined
ErrorLog /dev/null

Please note - just removing the Log lines will not disable logging, it will simply cause your logging to happen in the server-wide logs. You must configure your site to explicitly log to /dev/null.

If you are using web application like Drupal or WordPress be sure to turn off logging in these applications as well.

NOTE: Be sure not to use Google Analytics, links your site to Facebook or Twitter, services like Mollom, or any third party software that communicates with another web site. If you integerate your site with these services, then all visitors will be logged by these services.