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What is OpenID? How can I use it?

OpenID is a system that allows you to have a single login that gives you access to multiple web sites.

Whenever you encounter a web site (like LiveJournal or ) that offers the option of logging in with OpenID - you can choose to login using your existing OpenID account, rather than go through the bother of registering a new username and password on yet another site.

If you are a May First/People Link member - the good news is that you already have an OpenID!

To login with your OpenID, you'll need to know your OpenID identity URL. For May First/People Link members it is:

Just replace "username" with the username you use when logging into your email, Secure FTP, or the support site. For example, if your username is "jamie" your OpenID identity URL would be:

You may be interested in reading up on the OpenID web site or reviewing the Wikipedia entry on OpenID.