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What is May First/People Link's Privacy Policy?


Principles of Privacy

  • Most data should be shared and public. The most powerful principles of the Internet are sharing and transparency. May First/People Link fully supports these principles
  • Specifically, May First/People Link supports the principle of sharing contact information between organizations and movements for the purposes of building stronger movements
  • Individuals and organizations should have control over how and with who their personal information is shared

Data Policies

These policies cover data members and non-members provide to May First/People Link in the course of signing up for membership, joining MFPL run email lists, and filling out other forms, surveys etc. that are created by the organization itself.

Data Collected by May First/People Link members

All May First/People Link members have the right to implement their own data collection policies, provided they are consistent with MFPL's policies.

Server-wide policies

  • All servers used by May First/People Link use hard disk encryption. That means that the contents of the hard disks cannot be read without a password. Disk encryption creates an obstacle to anyone attempting to access information on a May First/People Link server by seizing the physical server.
  • In transit encryption.