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May First/People Link Media Press

MF/PL members help to compile and share a top-down media list for press releases. The list is comprised of journalists, media organization contacts, and other individuals and networks that report on progressive social issues.

How To

You can utilize this collective tool in two ways:

  1. Send a press release to It will be held for moderation (to ensure that our list is not used for spam) and if approved sent immediately to the list.
  2. Subscribe an email address by sending the address and contact name to, or by subscribing yourself by sending an email to


  • Please don't send a press release more than two times
  • Sending press releases is limited to current MFPL members' events

Subscription Data Terms of Use

  • Because we are manually subscribing journalists without their permission, we must allow them to unsubcribe themselves. In the situation where journalists have unsubscribed themselves, their subscription is set to "no mail" and cannot be changed, such that we can keep track of journalists so that a member cannot add them to the list again.