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Gitification of Indymedia linksunten


Until May 2012,Indymedia linksunten used the Good Old Fashioned Way™ to keep track of upstream changes to it's Drupal (in fact: Pressflow) core and modules: drush dl mymodule. At least in theory. In reality, the core has been patched twice, many modules even more than that and some self-written modules do not even exist in a public drupal repository. linksunten has some 80 modules installed and keeping track of updates is wearisome for the non-patched modules, troublesome for the patched modules and painful for the self-written ones. We learned that a version control system could ease the error-prone update procedure and as has switched to git we decided to do the same. Since git follows the TMTOWTDI paradigm we could avoid using git-submodule and settled for git-subtree instead which has recently been merged into git core.