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How can I get my own wiki?

May First/People Link runs a shared mediawiki installation, using the same wiki software used by

If you would like your own wiki with a URL like then please open a ticket with the name you would like to use.

Admin directions

These directions are for MFPL admins.

To setup a new wiki:

  • In this example, I will refer to GROUP. This variable should be changed based on the request coming in. GROUP should be replaced wth a short name refering to the member requesting the wiki (e.g. mfpl or brecht).
  • Create a DNS A record for the member under the MFPL hosting order with the domain that points to the IP address:
  • Login to as root and run the following commands:
    cd /etc/mediawiki/members-configs
    # create and edit to meet needs of new wiki
    # create new tables for the installation. 
    # for the tables, e.g. mfpl_ or ussf2010_
    ./create-new-tables GROUP_ 
    # create an image directory (should match settings in
    mkdir /srv/www/
    chown mediawiki:nogroup /srv/www/
    # edit the file that includes the proper settings file based on the domain - adding a new stanza at the end
    emacs select-settings-file.php
  • At this point, you should be able to go to and see a working wiki site.
  • Grant the requester sysop privileges. The requester will need special privileges in the wiki.
    • Ask the requester to create an account by using the OpenID login.
    • Once they have created the account, Login to peltier as root and:
      su mediawiki
      # replace <prefix> with whatever table prefix you used above
      SELECT user_id,user_nam FROM <prefix>_user;
      # replace ID with whatever ID the user you want to give sysop privs has
      INSERT INTO <prefix>_user_groups SET ug_user = ID, ug_group = 'sysop';