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How can I get my own wiki?

May First/People Link runs a shared mediawiki installation, using the same wiki software used by

If you would like your own wiki with a URL like then please open a ticket with the name you would like to use.

Admin directions

These directions are for MFPL admins.

To setup a new wiki:

  • In this example, I will refer to GROUP. This variable should be changed based on the request coming in. GROUP should be replaced wth a short name refering to the member requesting the wiki (e.g. mfpl or brecht).
  • Create a DNS A record for the member under the MFPL hosting order with the domain that points to the IP address:
  • Login to as root and run the following commands:
    cd /etc/mediawiki/members-configs
    # create and edit to meet needs of new wiki
    # first create your new file (changing GROUP below to your wiki name and don't forget the php at the end)
    # now go into your new file and edit it to make sure the defaults do what you need and change the two instances of the word PREFIX with your own wiki's new name (just the name...not the full url)
    # create new tables for the installation. 
    # for the tables, e.g. mfpl_ or ussf2010_
    ./create-new-tables GROUP_ 
    # create an image directory (should match settings in
    mkdir /var/www/
    chown mediawiki:nogroup /var/www/
    # edit the file that includes the proper settings file based on the domain - adding a new stanza at the end
    emacs select-settings-file.php
  • At this point, you should be able to go to and see a working wiki site.
  • Grant the requester sysop privileges. The requester will need special privileges in the wiki.
    • Ask the requester to create an account by using the OpenID login.
    • Once they have created the account, Login to peltier as root and:
      su mediawiki
      # replace <prefix> with whatever table prefix you used above
      SELECT user_id,user_nam FROM <prefix>_user;
      # replace ID with whatever ID the user you want to give sysop privs has
      INSERT INTO <prefix>_user_groups SET ug_user = ID, ug_group = 'sysop';