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     1Copying files from your computer to your web site allows you to add or modify content on your web site.
     3In order to copy these files, you will need a special program installed on your computer.
     5We recommend using one of the following free programs (see below), however, May First will work with any program that uses the secure copy/secure FTP protocol.
     7''A note on fingerprints''
     9The first time you connect to one of our servers, your Secure FTP program should warn you that you are connecting to a server that you have never connected to before. This warning is important! You do not want to risk connecting to the wrong server, because you will essentially be handing this server your username and password.
     11With the Secure FTP protocol, servers are identified by "fingerprints." Fingerprints are extremely difficult to forge, so if your program reports that the server you are connecting to has a fingerprint that matches the true fingerprint of the server, you can safely connect.
     13Below are the fingerprints of our shared hosting servers. Please check your "Primary host" (by logging into our [ Members control panel]) and match up your primary host with the proper fingerprint. If your Secure FTP program reports the same fingerprint as listed below, you can instruct your Secure FTP program to "Always accept" that fingerprint. Then, you will only be warned if the fingerprint changes for some reason.
     15Before the host key, you may see the numbers "1024" - that indicates the length of the key, but is not part of the key itself.
     16 1a:b7:72:b5:5f:a5:fc:73:a5:4c:f7:e8:33:80:5b:33 6d:c8:59:bb:b9:c6:43:70:2d:b7:99:fa:a0:26:be:0d 90:1a:5a:21:3a:c9:c3:24:b4:96:3f:59:3e:ee:c5:ea
     21''Recommended Software''
     23Windows: [ WinSCP]
     25The WinSCP download page gives you lots of options to choose from. You may see some packages under a header called "Beta" - you should not choose these packages. Beta means that are still in a testing phase. Choose from a package that does not have "Beta" in the name.
     27You will also be given the option to choose from "Standalone" or "Installation package" or a few others. If you are not sure,  choose "Installation Package" - that package will guide you through a familiar install process to get the program properly installed on your computer.
     29Macintosh OS X: [ CyberDuck]
     31Linux: [ GFTP]
     33Using the sftp program, begin a session with the hostname, username and password we've sent you. The server will deliver you to a link to your website directory. Click on that link and then open the sub-directory called "web". You can upload and manage your site files in that directory.
     35Note: sites that were hosted by People Link before the transition may be using an older protocol. Until we tell you to change to the newer protocol, continue to upload as you have in the past. Contact us at if you're not sure.
     37''But why can't I use FTP?''
     39FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an older method for copying files from your computer to a web server. Unfortunately, FTP sends your password over the Internet in plain text, which is not considered a good idea. The secure copy programs mentioned above work very similarly to the way FTP programs work, except that they encrypt your password and all the information you copy back and forth.