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How can I synchronize the contacts/calendar/to do list in web mail with my handheld or desktop program?

May First/People Link uses a web mail program (Horde) that supports SyncML, a standard protocol for synchronizing personal contact information between computers.

Any handheld device or desktop application that supports SyncML can be setup to sync your calendar, to do list, and address book info to and from web mail.

All clients must be configured with the same information - although different programs refer to the settings with different names. Below are the basic settings you need for any SyncML client:

Using an Android Phone

You can use the free/open source Funambol Sync program. Be careful that you do not install the OneMedia Program (also made by Funanbol - but only supports their web platform). The Funanbol sync android app is available in both f-droid and the Google Store (it's call funv10).

Note: It works fairly well, but when your phone runs out of battery, you have to login again.

Using Thunderbird/Icedove

Note: the Thunderbird/Lightning plugin seems well documented, but is advertised as being experimental.

  • If you want to use SyncML with Thunderbird/Icedove, first download and install Lightning - the calendar program. Be sure it is working properly (you will need to restart Thunderbird/Icedove).
  • Next, download the Funambol Mozilla plugin.
  • In Thunderbird/Icedove, click Tools -> Addons.
  • Click Install... and browse to the plugin you just downloaded
  • You may need to restart Thunderbird/Icedove
  • Once you restart, click Tools -> Funambol sync...
  • In the Sync window, click Tools -> Configure.
  • Enter the information as described above

Using a BlackBerry

  • You will need to have the Blackberry Desktop application installed on your computer and a working connection between your Blackberry and your Computer.
  • Download the BlackBerry Sync (not the email one).
  • Unzip the Blackberry sync program on your computer
  • If you have a pre 4.7 Blackberry, add the attached Funambol_Sync_Plugin.alx file to the unzipped directory.
  • If you have the post 4.7 Blackberry, add the attached Funambol_Sync_Plugin_0s47.alx file to the unzipped directory.
  • You may need to edit the alx files in a text editor with the appropriate version number of the Blackberry sync client you downloaded. Please note: Our wiki displays the file with line numbers - which are not part of the original file.
  • Open your Blackberry Desktop application and select the Application Loader.
  • Browse to the folder you just unzipped and select the alx file you just put in there.
  • Follow the directions to complete the installation
  • When you are done, you should see a Funambol application which you can configure based on the directions above

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