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     1= How can I synchronize the contacts/calendar/to do list in web mail with my handheld or desktop program? =
     3May First/People Link uses a web mail program ([ Horde]) that supports [WikiPedia:SyncML SyncML], a standard protocol for synchronizing personal contact information between computers.
     5Any handheld device or desktop application that supports SyncML can be setup to sync your calendar, to do list, and address book info to and from web mail.
     7To see if your device or program is SyncML compatible, see the [ list of Funambol supported software] and the Funambol [ community projects].
     9All clients must be configured with the same information - although different programs refer to the settings with different names. Below are the basic settings you need for any SyncML client:
     11 * Host/Location/Server:
     12 * Databases/Path/Remote Name
     13  * Calendar: calendar
     14  * Tasks/To List: tasks
     15  * Notes: notes
     16  * Address book/Contacts: contacts
     18== Using Thunderbird/Icedove ==
     20If you want to use SyncML with Thunderbird/Icedove, first download and install [ Lightning - the calendar program]. Be sure it is working properly (you will need to restart Thunderbird/Icedove).
     22Next, download [ the Funabmol Mozilla plugin].