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How do I use Spam Assassin to filter email with Thunderbird/Icedove

These instructions specifically refer to Thunderbird/Icedove. If you are using a different email program, please refer to the generic filter instructions or switch to Thunderbird.

This how to was created using Icedove 1.5.

  1. Click File -> New -> Folder...
  2. Enter "detected-spam" as the name of your folder
  3. Click Tools -> Message Filters...
  4. Click New...
  5. For filter name enter "Detected Spam"
  6. Change "Subject" to "X-Spam-Flag"
  7. Change "Contains" to "Is"
  8. Enter "YES" in the box
  9. Under "Perform these action", leave "Move message to" as it is
  10. In the next field, select the "detected-spam" folder you just created
  11. Click OK

Now, when a message comes in that our servers have detected as spam, it will be moved to your newly created detected-spam mail box. You should periodically check this box to ensure that legitimate messages are not getting accidentally tagged as spam.