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     1= How come my domain is not available when I try to create an email address? =
     3If you are following the [wiki:add_email_address_to_account directions for creating a new email address] you may find that your domain name does not show up in the drop down list.
     5Your domain will only show up in the drop down list if our server is configured to handle email for your domain.
     7You can configure our server to handle email for your domain by:
     9 * Login to the [ Members Control panel] and selecting DNS from the list of services
     10 * Click to add a new item.
     11 * Select "MX" as the type of record
     12 * Fill in your domain name
     13 * Leave the IP address blank
     14 * For server name, enter your primary hosting server (it should be visible in the top right corner of the [ Members Control panel]).
     16After you complete this step, your domain will appear in the drop down menu. However, you will not receive email for that domain until you have taken the additional step of [wiki:set_dns_servers setting your dns servers to use May First/People Link].
     18Note: if you want to receive email via May First/People Link, but you do not want to have all your domain email delivered to May First/People link, you can create a subdomain of the domain. For example, you can create an MX record using the steps described above to create the domain: Then, you could create email addresses of the form: {{{}}}.