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added additional explanation on setting autoresponse.

How do I add an Autoresponder?

Regardless of which web mail you use (or even if you don't use web mail at all), you can set an auto response message when you are on vacation or away from your email.

This message will be sent to everyone who sends you email.

Before diving into how to do this: please remember that setting an auto-responder may cause some surprises for you.

Consider how much email you get that you don't want an auto response to go to. For example, it's probably not a good idea to autorespond to:

  • email discussion lists
  • automated vendor emails and reminders
  • spam

Our auto responder does its best to not respond to spam or email list mail, but at times it does make mistakes.

While wanting an auto-responder is reasonable, the way email works in the world is unfortunately not conducive to it!

If you would like to set an auto-responder anyway:

  • log into the Members Control Panel
  • click the "My Settings" link
  • In the "Auto Responder Action" drop down menu, select "Respond and deliver messages." Only select "Respond but do not deliver" if you don't want to ever receive the messages sent to you while your auto responder is set, which is uncommon!
  • In the "Auto Responder Message" field, write the message that you want people to receive as your auto response.
  • In the "Auto Responder Reply From Address" field, enter your email address. This step is important because if you do not fill it out your autoresponse message will appear to come from yourusername@… rather than your actual email address.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

To remove your auto-responder, log into the Members Control Panel, click the "My Settings" link, and select "Do not send auto response" from the "Auto Responder Action" in the "Auto Responder Action" menu.