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     1== How do I add an Autoresponder? ==
     3Regardless of which web mail you use (or even if you don't use web mail at all), you can set an auto response message when you are on vacation or away from your email.
     5This message will be sent to everyone who sends you email.
     7Before diving into how to do this: please remember that setting an auto-responder may cause some surprises for you.
     9Consider how much email you get that you <i>dont't</i> want an auto response to go to. For example, email discussion lists. Automated vender emails and reminders. Spam. If you set an auto-responder, a response will be sent to all of them. When it comes to spam, the auto response will often be sent to an email address that doesn't exist, which will then bounce back to you - generating a lot of new email in your inbox.
     11While wanting an auto-responder is reasonable, the way email works in the world is unfortunately not conducive to it!
     13If you would like to set an auto-responder anyway, you can do it by:
     151. Login to SquirrelMail. If you are using "" as your primary host, go to <a href=""></a> and click the SquirrelMail link. If you are using "" as your primary host, go to <a href=""></a>.
     16For maclcolm, go to <a href=""></a>.
     18Remember: even if you don't usually use SquirrelMail, the auto responder will work for all of your email.
     20From within SquirrelMail, click Options -> Personal Information. Make sure your proper email and name are entered. Then click Options -> Vacation Message. This auto response will work even if you do not regularly use SquirrelMail.