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How do I add an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to my account?

Sender Policy Framework is a system designed to help reduce spam. If you implement SPF for your domain, you will not reduce spam sent to your email accounts. However, you may reduce spam sent to other people claiming to come from your domain.

And, more importantly, if you create an SPF record then your email will be less likely to end up in your recipient's spam folder.

If you would like to add an SPF record, you can create one using the DNS Service in the Members control panel.

  • Click Add item link to create a new record
  • For Type, choose "Text".
  • In the Text field, please enter the SPF record you would like for your domain.

May First/People Link maintains an SPF domain name for you to use that includes all the IP addresses that are allowed to send email from our record. It's called:

If you only send email via May First/People Link, you can create an SPF record with the following information in the Text field:

v=spf1 ~all

If you also send email from your Drupal web site (e.g. password reminders or new account welcome messages), you should also include your primary host, e.g.:

v=spf1 ~all

If you send email from May First/People link and you also send email from a different location (for example, you send email using our email list software for you typically relay your normal email through a different provider), then you will need to create an SPF record that includes both and whatever your other providers has designated for SPF records.

The squiggle before the "all" means that if an email from you fails, it will be considered a "soft" fail. Technically that means the server should accept it but may mark is as dubious (most likely it will end up the spam folder).

For information on how to construct an SPF record, please see the OpenSPF web site. Warning: it's complicated!