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    2121 * Plan the upgrade. You should be prepared to spend several hours upgrading your site. If all goes smoothly you won't need that time, however, it's better to be prepared. Before beginning, review all of the third party modules that you have installed. You can review these modules by looking in your web/sites/default/modules directory. For each module installed, search the web site to find the Drupal 5 version of those modules. If you can't find a Drupal 5 version of a module you are using you will not be able to use it! For each module, download the Drupal 5 version to your computer.
     23Also, make a list of custom scripts and other special templates you may have in your theme's directory. If you are using Drupal without any customization ("out of the box") with a standard theme (e.g. Bluemarine), your upgrade will go very smoothly. If you have customized scripts and pages, these will have to be preserved (which happens when you do your back-up, the next step) and will may require some revision. But remember that an upgrade will change the themes in your basic themes directory so make copies of everything.
    2325 * Make a backup! You will want to backup both your directories and your database. To backup these up, first, figure out what your database username and password is (see [wiki:access_drupal_database_directly here] for directions on how to do that). Then, ssh into your server and change into your site directory (the directory that contains your web, include, cgi-bin, etc. directories). Then, run the following commands: