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    2525 * Make a list of custom scripts and other special templates you may have in your theme's directory. If you are using Drupal without any customization ("out of the box") with a standard theme (e.g. Bluemarine), your upgrade will go very smoothly. If you have customized scripts and pages, these may break after the upgrade (requiring you to tweak them). If you do have a heavily customized theme, you may consider switching to a core theme before the upgrade. Then, upgrade your theme (there are [ notes for doing this on]), and finally try switching back to your custom theme.
     27 * Upgrade all your third party modules to the most recent version. If you are rnning Drupal 5 and upgrading to Drupal 6, ensure all third party modules are at the most recent Drupal 5 version first. You can do this easily with drush. From the command line, in your web directory, type:
     29drush update
    2731 * Make a backup! You will want to backup both your directories and your database. To backup these up, [wiki:secure_shell ssh] into your server and run the following commands (replacing YOURDOMAIN with your actual domain name and YOURDATABASE with the name of your database):