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How do I update my Drupal modules?

When accessing the admin part of your Drupal web site, you might see a message that says:

There are security updates available for one or more of your modules or themes.

Typically, Drupal will provide a link to a page that lists the modules that are out of date.

There are two ways you can update your module.

Using SFTP

The page listing the out-dated modules will include links to the Drupal web page where you can download the most recent versions. You can follow each link, one-by-one, downloading the most recent versions of your modules.

Then, using sftp:

  • download your database backup to your computer. It's available via sftp on your server in (replace with your actual domain). It will contain a backup of your database as of this morning. In case something goes wrong, you'll have the ability to restore your database. By downloading it to your computer, you will ensure you can always return to this morning's version, even if you let several days pass before you return to your web site.
  • download the existing module to your computer (as a backup in case something goes wrong)
  • delete the module from your site (don't just rename it, Drupal will continue using it even with a different name)
  • upload the new module.

When you are down, enter the following URL into your web browser, replacing with your actual web site domain:

You will be prompted to run any database updates that your new modules require.

Using the command line

If you are familiar with ssh/secure shell, you can run updates much faster by using the command line.

After logging in, change into your web directory (replace with your actual domain):


Then run:

drush up

It will list all the modules that need updating and ask you if you want to proceed. Type y and hit enter.

All existing modules will be backed up and new modules will be downloaded and installed. The last step will update your database as well.