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Why can't I create a file or folder in my Drupal sites/default directory?

The Drupal installer, by default, sets the permissions on your sites/default folder to read-only (apparently in an effort at improved security).

If you want to add a files directory or a civicrm.settings.php file in this directory, you will need to change the permissions so that the owner of the directory can write to it.

You can do this via your sftp client by using your clients "chmod" or "change mode" command (how to do this varies by client - try right clicking on the folder and selecting chmod from the context menu).

You do not need to be make it writable by everyone. Only make it writable by the owner.

You can also make this change via the command line (ssh) by issuing the command:

chmod u+w path/to/web/sites/default

If you are getting an access denied message when uploading a custom theme or third party module, please see How can I upload a file to my themes or modules directory? When I try I get an access denied message.