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These instructions are for Flock and Mozilla Scribefire

Make sure you have the BlogAPI module turned on. Goto >>Administer >> Site Configuration >> Blog APIs and make sure at least the blog box is checked. You may want to check additional boxes (see Notes below).

If you want to use your Firefox browser, you can download/install the Scribefire add-on from here Click the <Install Now> button and then reboot Firefox. On the bottom right corner of your browser will be a pencil/paper icon click it. Click on the <Manually Configure> tab. Select <Drupal> as your blog system. Enter your domain as <> click next. Enter the username and password for your site and click next. You should then be able to use Scribefire.

For Flock, download the browser from and install it. Once installed open the browser and click >> View >> Sidebar >> Accounts and Services. In the sidebar, scroll down to Self-Hosted Blog and click. Follow the wizard instructions (your username and password will be the same as for your drupal site login). If your blog does not recognize, click cancel, then enter where appropriate. Click next. You should now be able to use Flock.

Notes: Flock is an internet browser that uses the Firefox engine, but is designed to integrate with community environments. It offers more publishing and formatting options than Scribefire. If you have various community accounts (facebook, Youtube, Wordpress, etc.), you may want to consider using Flock over adding Scribefire to Firefox. The great thing about both is that they offer an external WYSIWYG for Drupal. If you set your Blog APIs – Blog types for pages, you can create and publish pages using Flock or Scribefire.