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How do I add a new Drupal site to my existing drupal installation?

  • Create a subdomain in the Members Control Panel in the DNS service. For "type" select "a." Enter a domain name (like and for the IP address, use the same IP address as your other DNS records.
  • ssh or sftp to your site. In your /home/members/YOURMEMBERNAME/sites/YOURDOMAINNAME/web/sites directory, create a new directory with the same name as your subdomain, so, for example, if you want to build "", you should create a directory called "".
  • Copy the default settings.php file from the core installation. You can do that by first changing into the directory you created in the step above. Then execute the following command (change drupal-6 to the version of drupal you are using):
cp /usr/local/share/drupal-6/sites/default/default.settings.php .
chmod 600 settings.php
  • Now, go the your new web site (point your web browser to the new domain you created). You should be prompted with an installation screen asking you for your settings.
  • IMPORTANT: when you are asked for your database connectivity information, you can get that information from your existing settings.php file (see accessing your drupal database for directions on how to get your username and password).
  • EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: When entering your database information, click the "Advanced Link" and enter a table prefix. This trick allows you to store tables for two or more drupal installations in the same database.