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How do I copy my dev site to my live site?

Many of us maintain two different web sites, one is the live site and one is a development site. The development site is used to test out new code or a new design before it is ready to go live.

At a certain point, when your dev site is ready to go live, you need to copy your dev site to your live. Once you are done, your live site will be identical to your dev site. And, you can now continuing developing your dev site for the next iteration of your site.

Attached to this wiki page is a script that will automate this process.

You will need to modify the script to meet your particular needs, however, once you have it working once, you can repeatedly use it to synchronizing your dev site with your live site.

You can download the script on your local computer and then sftp the script to your server.

The main parts to modify are the first two lines, which specify the path to your live site and the path to your dev site.

In addition, you may optionally add information about your database if you want to copy your dev database into your live database (or leave them blank if you want to not mess with your databases).

If you have any trouble with the script, please submit a ticket.

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