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When I go to my web site I get an error saying my site is mis-configured or not properly setup OR I want to add a new domain to my website

If you want to add a new domain to your web site (you already have, but you also want to work)


If you see a page with a message like the following:

You've reached this page because you are trying to access a web site that is disabled or not set up properly. You may want to 
contact support to fix the problem.

You may also just be lost. In that case, try

It might also say, simply:

Welcome to mandela

It means that your domain name is properly configured to point to the May First/People Link servers, however, your web site is not properly configured to recognize that domain name.

You can fix that problem by:

  • Logging into the Members Control panel
  • Selecting "Web configuration" from the services menu
  • Click Edit next to your web configuration
  • Add the domain name that is causing this error to the line that starts with:

Here's an example of the May First/People Link ServerAlias line (an unusually long line):