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    1 == I cannot connect to the Internet ==
     2= Help! I cannot connect to the Internet =
    34Unfortunately, if you are unable to connect to the Internet at all, our ability to help is really limited. The problem could be your local area network (the cables that connect your computer to your modem) or your Internet Service Provider (for example, Verizon, or Speakeasy, or Timewarner) who maintain your office or home's connection to the Internet.
    56We do have the attached help document that will help you in the event that you lose your connection to the Internet. Please download and print it and (before you lose your connection to the Internet) - write down the name and phone number of your Internet Service Provider so you can easily call them in the event that your connection goes down.
     8= Trouble Shooting an Internet Problem: =
     10== Determine whether it is a problem with the web site you are visiting or your Internet connection ==
     11Go  to,, and your own web site. If all three sites give you the same  error message, then it is probably a problem with the Internet connection (go to number 2). If these  sites work fine, then it is probably a problem with the web site you are visiting and you should wait an hour and try again.
     12== Determine whether it is a problem with the computer you are using or whether it is a problem affecting all the computers in the office ==
     13Try visiting the same web site on the two other computers    in the office. If all three give you the same error message, then it is probably a problem with the    entire office (go to number 3). If the other computers work fine, then it is probably a problem with   the computer you are working on. First, restart the computer and try again. If that doesn't work,    then check the computer's TCP/IP settings (see below). If that doesn't work, use a different     computer .
     15== Determine whether it is a problem with the Internet (TCP/IP) or with the physical network (Ethernet). ==
     17Try to access the file server. If you cannot access the file server, then it may be a    problem with the physical network. Check the computer for an Ethernet cable (like a phone cable,    but a little bit bigger). If should be snuggly plugged into the computer and there should be either an    orange or a green light next to it. It is plugged in, but there is not green or organge light, then the    problem is that a cable was unplugged. Follow your cable and see if it is properly plugged into the    wall jack or another “switch.” If the cable is plugged in and the light is on, then check the    computer's TCP/IP settings (see below).
     19== Determine whether it is your problem or your ISP’s problem. ==
     20Check to make sure the router and    Cable/DSL modem are plugged in (you should see lights on the front of both of them if they are    plugged in). If there are no lights, make sure the power cables are properly plugged in, then wait 5    minutes, and try again. If there are lights, then unplug the power cables for both the router and the     modem, wait 30 seconds, and plug them in again. Then, wait a full 5 minutes and try the Internet    again. If it still doesn't work, then it's probably a problem with ISP (see below).
     22= Checking your computer's TCP IP Settings =
     23 1. Click Start -> Run...
     24 1. Type: cmd and click OK
     25 1. You should see a black screen with a command prompt. Next type: `ipconfig`
     26You should see something like:
     28Windows IP Configuration
     29Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
     30         Connection-­specific DNS Suffice.........:
     31         IP Address .............................:
     32         Subnet Mask ............................:
     33         Default Gateway ........................:
     35If any of the numbers come back as it means that you have not been properly assigned an
     36Internet Protocal (IP) address. You should try restarting your computer and then repeat this process.
     38= Contacting Your Internet Service Provider =
     39If you've printed out this page for offline reference, please write down your provider's name and number below.
     40 * '''ISP Name:'''
     41 * '''ISP Phone Number:'''