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Abandoned Mailbox

An abandoned email account is a user account that is configured to recieve email that has not logged in to check for email in over 180 days.

Many MF/PL users for a variety of reasons abandon their email accounts. Abandoned email accounts use of valuable hard disk space and consume value resources as each incoming messages is evaluated so it can be given a spam score.

To avoid spending resources on abandoned email accounts, we run periodic checks to determine if an account is abandoned.

  • If you have not checked your mail in 180 days, your email account will be considered abandoned and we will refuse to accept new email. People who send messages will get a bounce.
  • Email addresses that only forward to other email addresses are not affected. Only email addresses that deliver mail to a MF/PL user account are affected.
  • Email addresses that forward to another address and deliver to an abandoned user account locally are affected. In this case, no email will be forwarded or delivered until the local user account is checked. Similarly, email addresses that deliver to multiple local accounts will be affected if just one of the user accounts is not being checked.
  • Within 30 minutes of checking your email account, the bounce will be lifted
  • You will not recieve mail that was bounced once the bounce is lifted

How does it work?

  • One a day, a script iterates over every user account on our servers with a Maildir. If it finds a message in your Maildir/new folder that is older than 180 days, your user account is logged
  • Every thirty minutes, the list of abandoned user accounts is reviewed. If the Maildir/new directory contains a file more than 2 days old, it is considered to be still abandoned. Every email address that delivers to this user account will be put in the bounce list (grep "[[:space:]]$user\$" "/etc/postfix/virtual_alias_maps" | cut -f1 | sort | uniq). If the Maildir/new directory does not contain any files older than 2 days, then all email addresses will be removed from the bounce list.