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     1During the Membership meeting in October 2012 to connect the meetings in New York City and Mexico City and member around the world a photo stream was created on []
     3This was achieved with javascript and a email checking script. So that when an email is sent with a photo to a specified address the script pulls the image and uploads it to designated site.
     5There are some dependencies that need to be installed from root on the server
     8apt-get install php5-imagick libjs-jquery-ui libjs-jquery
     11The following information is available in the README files after you "git" them
     13In your home directory on the server enter the following command
     16git clone git://
     19Afterwards copy the contents of the
     25to the /web directory on the server
     28$~cp get-picture-via-imap/web/*.* /path/to/web/
     31Once the files and directories are copied then proceed to to the subdirectory for galleria
     37Follow the included README file
     38 Down load galleria: and put it in this directory.
     39Then, create a symlink for galleria.js -> galleria-n.n.n.js replacing
     40n.n.n with the version of galleria that you installed.
     42Do the same from the javascript director
     48 Download both jquery ( and jquery-ui (
     49Add symlinks: jquery.min.js -> jquery-n.n.n.min.js
     50              jquery-ui.min.js -> jquery-ui-n.n.n.min.js
     51Replacing n.n.n with the appropriate version numbers.
     53Symlink can be established with the follwing command
     56$~/path/to/web/galleria/ln -s galleria-n.n.n.js galleria.js
     59same should be done in the js directory for the jquery and jquery-ui
     61after the above symlinks are created please create an images directory on web
     67As the script is looking to place the photos in the /images directory
     69The final configuration is the imap.cnf file. This file needs to be in the home directory as that is where the cron job will be looking for the configuration
     75if we are using the mayfirst server than -->
     77Be sure to type the username and password with the : in between as the script requires it to check the emails and then process the images.
     79Then please visit the site and test if the emails come through by uploading the images
     84If you want to use the same site again for a future event please copy the contents of the /images directory and create a new folder under /web with a name for the event[[BR]]
     85Then copy the contents of the /web directory (excluding the images directory) to the newly created sub directory for the event.
     87Then when people visit <> it will load the galleria software and script to display the images.