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Email deliverability status

This is a companion page to our email deliverability strategies page. It documents our bulk email servers and the status of our strategies for each major email provider.

I made use of a ISP summary wiki page when doing these applications.


All MF/PL hosts relay through either rustin or cleveland. To get a full list of IP addresses:


Registered Feedback Loops and Bulk Mail application status

Monitoring mail abuse

Abuse email should be sent to abuse -@- mayfirst -.- org which is processed and monitored automatically.

Upstream providers

  • Hurricane Electric: complaints are sent to
  • Koumbit: complaints handled by Progressive Technology Project

Major Mail Providiers

Bulk mail forms have only been submitted for the MF/PL shared bulk server IPs because PTP and Portside will have better luck handling their bulk mail status separately from MF/PL.

See #6314 for a ticket on setting up the feedback loops. Feedback loop address submitted is: This address expands to Jamie's personal email. Jamie generally checks to see if the message appears to be a legit message from a member (and if so simply deleted complaint) or appears to spam from a compromised account (which triggers an investigation/ticket).

  • AOL has a general page about mail delivery.
    • 2012-11-16, Jamie have filled out the whitelist application, which also includes a feedback loop. The request confirmation code: 1353116873-116742 was recieved.
    • 2012-11-20, AOL denied our request insufficient mailer history. The rejection suggests re-submitting after we have had 30 days of of history on the IPs
  • Microsoft (,,
    • On 2012-11-16, Junk Email Reporting program (JMRP) was filled out (ticket number: 1188242357).
    • Smart Network Data Services program (SNDS) tediously requires a separate submission for each IP address... not yet filled out.
    • According to the troubleshooting faq, does not have an "allow list" however, then do use return path, which seems like a terrible scam and bad for the Internet in general.
    • 2012-11-20 - received email saying we passed "initial qualifications" - awaiting instructions for how to digitally sign their agreement form.
      • 2012-11-29 - I signed an agreement to communicate with Microsoft, which seems fairly innocent (Linux is not a supported OS but given that Firefox is supported I'm counting on that not being a problem). And then another agreement (presented as an image that is cached in a way to make a working link impossible) to receive complaints about our IPs which I reviewed with LC membersw dkg and Mike Lee and have now signed.
  • Google (gmail) provides a page for bulk senders but I haven't found any bulk sender application form or any indication of a feedback loop.
  • Roadrunner has a general postmaster page.
    • 2012-11-16 filled out the feedback loop page (although seems to be operated by Return Path, same as Comcast, so may just be duplicating efforts). Received confirmation that it was processed on 2012-11-17.