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Email deliverability status

This is a companion page to our email deliverability strategies page. It documents our bulk email servers and the status of our strategies for each host.


Shared by MF/PL multiple members

The following are our bulk mail sending hosts directly managed by MF/PL:

  • (provides discussion mailman lists via and
    • Assigned IPs:,,,
  • (provides announcement and other high volume mailman lists via and provides relaying via
    • Assigned IPs:,,,
  • (provides mailman lists via
    • Assigned IPs:,

Managed dedicated to single Member

  • (provides listserv lists for Portside plus one mailman list)
    • Assigned IPs:,
  • (provides bulk mail for PTP's CiviCRM sites)
    • Assigned IPs:

Registered Feedback Loops and Bulk Mail application status

Upstream providers

  • Hurricane Electric: complaints are sent to
  • Highwinds: sent request to have complaints sent to 2012-11-16
  • Koumbit: complaints handled by Progressive Technology Project

Major Mail Providiers

Bulk mail forms have only been submitted for the MF/PL shared server IPs because PTP and Portside will have better luck handling their bulk mail status separately from MF/PL.

  • Google (gmail) provides a page for bulk senders but I haven't found any bulk sender application form or any indication of a feedback loop.
  • Comcast

open deliverability tickets

Open Tickets tagged blocklist

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