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    4949  * According to the [ troubleshooting faq], does not have an "allow list" however, then do use [ return path], which seems like a terrible scam and bad for the Internet in general.
    5050  * 2012-11-20 - received email saying we passed "initial qualifications" - awaiting instructions for how to digitally sign their agreement form.
     51        * 2012-11-29 - I signed an [ agreement to communicate with Microsoft], which seems fairly innocent (Linux is not a supported OS but given that Firefox is supported I'm counting on that not being a problem). And then another agreement (presented as an image that is cached in a way to make a working link impossible) to receive complaints about our IPs, which has one questionable provision.  Section 2 says that Microsoft will turn over to appropriate judicial bodies complaints that appear to Microsoft to be fraudulent. I'm assuming that complaints enter their system when a user clicks the "Junk" or "Complain" button, which sends it to Microsoft. Does that action alone give Microsoft the right to send it to the authorities? Or does us signing this agreement provide them with a rigt they don't already have... needs to be investigated...
    5253 * Yahoo (which seems to include [ ATT] and [ Bellsouth]).