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Membership Survey

This is the draft survey to send to membership in advance of the member meeting in September.

Membership questions

We view May First/People Link as a membership organization. To us this means a collaborative network made up of a diverse array of member organizations and individual allies that believe technology plays a critical role in movements for social change and the need for collective action to harness this power away from commercial interests.

How strongly does membership in this network factor into your participation with May First/People Link?

  • Very Important
  • Sort of Important
  • Not very important
  • I'm only interested in web hosting services

May First/People Link prioritizes the use of free and open source software as essential in the struggle for social justice. We feel that proprietary software run by commercial interests with commercial imperatives can only hold back the potential of our movements.

How does your organization feel about free and open source software?

  • Strongly agree with May First/People Link's position
  • We think it's important but still rely on some proprietary software
  • Not an important issue
  • Not familiar with the debate, we need more information

Are you aware of the projects that May First/People Link are involved with in addition to server hosting? (circle all that apply)

  • World Social Forum
  • US Social Forum
  • Hemispheric Consultas
  • Techie of Color Initiative
  • APC Council Membership
  • et. et. (fill in list)

What projects would you like to know more about? (circle all that apply)

  • World Social Forum
  • US Social Forum
  • Hemispheric Consultas
  • Techie of Color Initiative
  • APC Council Membership
  • et. et. (fill in list)

Do you read the monthly Lowdown's for details on May First People Link activities?

  • Every month
  • Most months
  • Sometimes
  • What's the Lowdown?

Are there ways that you would like to be more engaged? (circle all that apply)

  • Decision making power
  • More specific report backs or updates
  • Invitations to conferences and events
  • Calls to actions
  • Other: (please explain)

Are there projects or issues that you feel May First/People Link should be more actively engaged in? (Please list)

Meeting Questions

What are two most important technology areas May First/People Link should pursue (choose all that apply):

  • Video (live video streaming and/or video storage)
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • ...
  • ...
  • Other: (please explain)

What general directions should MFPL go (choose all that apply):

  • More training
  • More technology services
  • More robust/faster servers
  • Other: (please explain)

Are there other specific services or technologies that you would like May First/People Link to offer?

Open Source Questions

(on more thought, I don't this this survey should be used to educate about the questions regarding open source software. i think this would be a place to gather information to see where people are - do they use open source, are they open to open source, are they still dependent on proprietary software, etc., and then use that information to more effectively communicate about the issue in the Lowdown and at the Member meeting. Just my $.02 - HG)

How much is a commitment to free and open source software part of your own organization's operating principles?

  • Full dedication to open source software
  • Open source as much as possible but some proprietary software is necessary
  • We largely use proprietary software.

Please list proprietary programs you use: for example MS Office, Facebook, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Would you be interested or willing to shift to more open source software if suitable alternatives exist?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

If you entered maybe or no please explain. What programs are you especially tied to?